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Deep Ellum TV Sofa King News

SFN's coverage of
DIFF 2014

Here at McCort Entertainment, we work with a number of affiliates to produce a wide variety of content. These affiliates also utilize the internet in distributing their content. One of our newest collaborators is the Sofa King News crew out of Denton, TX. A comical, yet informative online magazine covering movies, music and pop culture, SFN is full of things for a large audience.

From April 3 to April 13 SFN and McCort are covering the Dallas International Film Fest. There are a large number of movies to watch from short films and animated features, to major films to be released this year. Check out all of our interviews with the actors and film makers.

NOW on McCort-TV!

LIVE from Poor David's Pub

Open Mic

Tonight we bring you the talented musicians that come down to play the Poor David's Pub open mic hosted by Mr Troll and happens every first and third Wednesday of the month. Don't forget to catch episode 6 of the Dallas Area Open Mics BUZZcast now available at our Youtube Channel.


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Featured show

"Traveling with Monk"

Traveling with Monk is an informational entertainment show featuring special events in the North Texas area that would be fun and interesting for individuals as well as families to attend.

watch episodes HERE

Featured Podcast

McCort Entertainment produces the web podcasts for, whose tag line is “all the news and reviews from across the world of anime and cons".

visit them at or in our "Productions" area


With the use of the most up to date mobile webcast technology, McCort Entertainment has the ability to webcast a variety of events such as open mic nights, local parades, fairs, and concerts.

view more webcastsHERE

McCort Entertainment is affiliated with Deep Ellum On, which provides a webcasting studio for local artists to showcase their talent. They can webcast anything from talk shows to performances by local bands.

visit them at

Music Videos

In 2010 we ventured into the making of a music video and were very happy with the results. The local band, "Sometime After", allowed us to use them as our guinea pigs and we set out around Mesquite, TX to film.

The video was shot over a 2 day period using 4 different locations to capture band shots as well as some story elements.

The video was released in the Summer of 2010 has received high ratings on Youtube. This and their interview in an episoe of "Traveling with Monk" can be found in our "Productions" area.