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Livestream Productions

Scroll through our samples below and click one to watch.

Open Mics

One of our favorite productions is livestreaming open mics around the DFW Metro. It's our belief that many of the talented musicians don't get enough exposure or maybe just want their family in other parts of the country to watch them play. Each month we go to a number of open mics to broadcast the talented people, also offering their videos back to them at a great price that they can use to post to Youtube or their website. Check out some of our samples from these area open mics.

Live coverage

Whether we are heading the broadcast, or we are supporting one of out affiliates, our mobile livestream kit has been to a number of events to cover all the action. Since 2010 we have been perfecting our production capabilities to bring our audiences the best possible broadcast coverage of a number of events around town. Here you will find samples of the livestreams we have done in past years. We are always looking for more great events to cover and add to our collection.

Scroll through our samples and find one to watch