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Music Productions

Scroll through our samples below and click one to listen to.

Album Productions

Originally founded as a music productions company, McCort has enjoyed recording and producing a number of albums by a variety of artists. In some cases we have provided the backing instrumentation to help complete these music projects. Here are samples of the most recent music albums that we have had the pleasure of producing.

Bed Music

With a large variety of projects, we at McCort have found a need for a number of different bed music tracks to be made. Here are several samples of those tracks from our series Traveling with Monk™ to Anime Outcast the Podcast's™ convention coverage videos.

Backing Tracks

McCort has been asked by a number of clients to create backing tracks for their projects. We have de-constructed various popular tunes to be used by web show hosts to sing to, or our most recent projects in which a local church used this music to put lesson learning lyrics to for their youth program. Here are a few of these tracks that we have created for these clients.

Scroll through our samples and find one to listen to