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Scroll through our samples below and click one to listen to.

Anime-Outcast the Podcast™

Anime-Outcast™ is a project started by Chad Crabb with the intent of sharing his knowledge and love of everything Anime with anyone who will listen. This crazy crew of characters gathers each season to talk about what's new, review whats good (or bad), and talk about the conventions they attend. You can always find something fun in the Anime Outcast the Podcast

The Adventures of Jose and MonkEBoy™

MonkEBoy™ (Monk) is an internet commentator and blogger who decided to bring his personal take on a number of topics from political to social. Partnered with his producer Jose de Ratta, these two charismatic commentators take on the world and tell it like they see it. They have since moved on to other projects but you can still listen to their beginnings here.

Scroll through our samples and find one to listen to