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McE Quick bits™

Scroll through our samples below and click one to watch.

San Japan 2013

San Japan was out third event to film McE Quick bits™ at and we were again pleased with the results. We had the chance to talk to a number of the special guests that were there as well as grab bits about our experience at this convention held in San Antonio each year.

Anime Fest 2013

With the success of our McE Quick bits™ at Quakecon, we took our show on the road and filmed a few shorts at Anime Fest 2013. Here you can follow Monk and the Anime Outcast crew around at this Dallas based anime convention.

Quakecon 2013

Quakecon 2013 was our first attempt to use this innovative technique to capture, edit, and post video shorts to our main page giving our audience real time coverage of the event. We were very impressed with the results and continued with this system in other events in 2013.

Scroll through our samples and find one to watch