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Video Productions

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Live music

Specializing in mobile productions, McCort has recorded a number of musical groups and artists around the DFW Metro. We can coordinate with the venue the artist plays in to get sound straight from the mixing board to capture the best sound possible for your video. Here are some samples of the artists we have worked with.

Event coverage and Affiliate support

Over the years, McCort has been afforded the opportunity to attend a number of events and red carpets as press. We have also supported a number of our affiliates as they attend events as press as well. With professionalism as our primary mission, we have captured great footage and interviews from a wide variety of events, posting these videos to our website as well as Youtube channels of our affiliates.

Work for Hire

The ability to produce quality video has brought many clients to us for a variety of film projects. Some of these projects have included belly dancing troops that have asked us to capture their routines and produce demo videos for them. We can provide multiple camera angles to get great shots of just about any event.

Music Video

Though we have only filmed one to date, McCort took on the challenge in 2010 of filming a music video with the highest production value in mind. We wanted to push the limits and see what we could do and released a video worthy of any music video cable channel, receiving high marks on the Christian music channel the band released the video to. We are always looking to repeat our success and bands can find out more in our Services section.

Scroll through our samples and find one to watch