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Established in 1996

company and site policies

Company Disclaimer

McCort Entertainment provides media content for public entertainment, sales and distribution. This includes that of podcasts and video coverage containing commentators whom of which may express their opinion on any given topic matter. These opinions are those of the commentators and may not reflect that of McCort Entertainment or any of its affiliates. The opinions and views of musical artists are also considered that of the artist and also do not reflect upon McCort Entertainment or its affiliates.

McCort Entertainment also indemnifies themselves from the views expressed by its signed or distributed artists. We reserve the right to refuse service based on material with malicious intent of any nature or other reasoning deemed worthy by the management and corporate officers. McCort Entertainment does not provide individual promotion or guarantee sales with distribution deals.

McCort Entertainment does business as a multimedia content creator, provider, and distributor who reserves the right to produce or deny services and aide to any artist or outside organization. McCort is held under no obligation to any persons or companies not under explicit contractual agreement with McCort. No direct responsibility will be taken for actions of any affiliates. McCort's relationship with an affiliate is to broaden the market available to McCort and operate their day to day management independent of McCort. Any further questions should be directed to the right department as found on the "About" page of this site.

Site Policy

This site is intended for the distribution and promotion of audio and visual media created by artists of McCort Entertainment, its affiliates, affiliated Indie labels, and Independent artist. All materials within this site are the property of either the artists or McCort Entertainment. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized reproduction of this site or the materials within will result in prosecution of the violation to the fullest extent of the law.

Buyer Terms and Agreements

In purchasing and/or downloading media from this site, you the buyer, agree that you are the end user of this material. You acknowledge that any re-broadcast, reproduction, sales or distribution without the explicit permission of the distributor/artist, is illegal and a violation thereof will be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law. Due to the nature of the content for sale and the US Copyright Laws, all sales are final. Parties interested in re-distribution of any materials should contact the affiliates program linked below.

Privacy Policies

Any information provided to McCort Entertainment will be kept confidential other than the artist materials pertaining to the artist and their music provided by the artist. All other information will be kept in the private files of McCort Entertainment and will only be released as needed to those affiliates within the McCort Entertainment network. Requests from private individuals for private information about artists, will not be granted. Requests from verified Broadcast and/or Entertainment businesses will be forward to the artist for their approval before any information is released. Any individual information collected by the distributors will remain private at all times and be used only for marketing and research by McCort Entertainment except in the case of information given for the purposes of correspondences such as newsletters and email updates.

All financial information and transactions are handled by Paypal. None of the information of this kind is held by McCort Entertainment nor do these companies have access to this information and therefore this information will remain confidential under the privacy policies of Paypal Inc.

Corporate Offices

1701 Sylvan Dr
Arlington, TX 76012

*by appointment only

Questions and Concerns

McCort Entertainment reserves the right to change and add to these terms and conditions, at any time, as deemed necessary for continued operation of our services. It is the responsibility of the individual users and artists to familiarize themselves with these terms before engaging in the use of this site and its services.